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  • Primer: Earnings Reports and Financial Statements
    In Fundamentals
    If you have invested for a while, you should realize that publicly-traded companies are required to release earnings reports for each quarter, and for […]
  • How to Find Short Squeeze Stocks
    In Trading Strategy
    Every trader wants to find trades that lead to fast profits. In stocks, that typically means getting into short-squeeze opportunities. The trick, of […]
  • Falling Wedge Pattern
    In Chart Patterns
    The falling wedge pattern is typically a bullish setup on a chart. It is one of of the most accurate patterns from which to trade, but it is also among […]
  • Primer: Pattern Daytrading
    In Trading Strategy
    Are you considering pattern daytrading or just getting started? It is important to understand the benefits, risks and rules about pattern daytrading […]