AvantGardeInvesting.com was founded to help dedicated investors and traders of all skill levels explore radical and ground-breaking ideas on technical analysis. General educational content is provided for new investors/traders or those with limited background in technical analysis. For the more experienced or innovative-thinking investors, an Elite membership provides access to some of the most innovative insights and ideas ever shared in a public forum. Elite members also gain access to a community forum to interact with other investors and traders in high-level conversation.

The owner/operator of AGI has a background that includes professional experience in marketing, training, retail management and content writing. He also holds an MBA. “Green Gobbler” is the moniker he goes by on AGI and on other stock community sites to share insights and ideas.

After ongoing encouragement from fellow investors and traders, and realization of personal talent and drive to share more permanently, this site was launched. Green Gobbler has a neuro-divergent mind. Though this comes with challenges, He believes God has blessed him with unique abilities, including strong memorization, the ability to identify patterns that most can’t, natural affinity for math and numbers, and as importantly, the desire and ability to communicate his insights in a way that others can understand. He believes technical analysis is best interpreted with acceptance that numbers and patterns have a Divine design. His insights are influenced by Elliott, Fibonacci, Pascal and other conventional investing methodology, but he has applied his own unique abilities to develop proprietary methodology for trading that expands beyond the lessons of these great theorists and mathematicians.