Benefits of Trading on WeBull: Promoted

Though not as much of a household name, WeBull joined Robinhood (HOOD) in the zero-commission space before most discount brokerages jumped on board. Similar to Robinhood, WeBull’s primary solution is its mobile-trading app.

Traders have a lot of options for zero/low-cost brokers; the following are key benefits of trading on WeBull that demonstrate its core value.

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On-the-Go Trading Solution

Most of the top discount brokers have mobile apps and trading, but WeBull is designed specifically to appeal to on-the-go traders. It offers a lot of markets and features in a streamlined fashion. Submitting trades, checking your positions, researching assets and other common investing activities are easy to access and execute.

Diverse Mix of Trading Markets

For traders that want to go beyond the traditional U.S. stock markets, WeBull offers trading access in many other top international markets. You can trade several top cryptos and have access to a lot of IPO offerings. For IPOs, you submit orders for the stocks of interest and may receive shares in the same price range as institutions.

Solid Technical Analysis Tools

For an app-driven trading platform, WeBull offers a compelling mix of technical analysis tools right at your fingertips. The following is a list of some of the more interesting tools:

WeBull has its own community where you can interact with other traders, discover the bullish/bearish sentiment and more!

No Commission Options Trading

One of my favorite things about WeBull is its no-commission options trading. Though I use other trading platforms, I still trade on WeBull primarily because of the tremendous cost advantages for high-activity options traders. Most discount brokers still charge $.50-1.00 per contract for options. That may not sound like a lot, but it matters if you trade a lot of options.

Here is a simple example of the cost difference:

A lot of 10 contracts on WeBull has a $0 commission. That same lot would cost $5-10 with brokers charging $.50-1.00. Over the course of a year, an active trader would save hundreds or thousands of dollars in commission. The only fees you pay are standard regulatory fees, which are miniscule.


No trading platform is perfect. WeBull isn’t the right solution for all traders, but it does offer a lot of compelling benefits if you want a dedicated mobile trading app with broad market access, minimal fees and decent T.A. access for a mobile solution.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed in this post are genuine, and my own. I have a WeBull account and receive a referral promotion for new members that sign up through my affiliate links on this site.

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