Create Private Investing Group

Investors increasingly like to mix their investing activities with social networking. Collaboration among traders to find the best possible stock or asset picks has become popular.

The challenge for a lot of investors is finding a convenient, affordable place to gather with like-minded traders. There are popular mainstream platforms like StockTwits. However, these sites are increasingly bombarded with fake accounts that muddy the waters.

Create Private Trading Groups at AGI

All Avant-Garde Investing members have access to our chat platform, which allows you to easily join and create groups that are either publicly-accessible or private. You and your friends can join and organize a private meeting spot. You don’t have to manage anything; you just show up and meet in a no-spam setting.

You can also create a free group based on your investing interests or around certain topics. Create stock-based groups or form a community where people can discuss investing strategies and topics for mutual learning.

Form an Investing Group and Invite Friends

If you are ready to get started, simply join as a member of AGI. There are free (ad-supported) and paid options that include community-only features or community-plus learning resources.

Invite your friends to join as well. After you create a stock trading group (or other asset/topic), simply share the link to your group with anyone you want to (on-site or off).