Klover Instant Cash App Review

Klover is unique in the Instant Cash App sector. To receive a cash advance, you must earn points by completing a variety of tasks. After you accumulate enough points, you can choose from various advance options (up to a max of $100).

Klover Instant Cash App Overview

To use Klover, you must download the Klover app and set up your account. After setting up Klover, you can link your checking account and debit card. Doing so allows the app to perform an analysis, which is used for some of the tasks you can complete to earn points. It is also used to send your advance and to implement repayment.

Earning Points

Points are redeemed for cash advances. The lowest advance is $5. Available amounts go up incrementally by $2-3 every 300 points. For instance, you can get a $10 advance with 600 points, $13 with 900 points and $15 with 1200 points.

Points are accumulated through a variety of activities. Some activities come with a large amount of points and little effort. Others take some time and you earn a moderate amount of points. The following are some examples:

  • Checking Your Spending (Periodically) = 50 Points
  • Claiming Expenses from Your Linked Account (Easy – Up to 5x Periodically) = 5 Points Each
  • Completing a Survey = Up to 300 Points
  • Submitting Digital Receipts = Up to 50 Points
  • Connecting Employer = Up to 50 Points
  • Linking Retail Accounts = 150 Points
  • Scanning Receipts = 20 Points

Some of these higher-point activities have limits on usage (daily or periodically). The most accessible activity on a repeat basis is watching video ads. You can earn 10 points per each ad (approximately 30 seconds per ad). You also earn bonuses for reaching certain levels on some activities. For instance, you get 200 points for scanning 10 receipts, 200 points for taking 10 surveys and 200 points for your first 10 video ads.

The largest point opportunities come from partner offers, which are the typical subscribe/join our partner and get up to 500 points. This is a nice value if you have genuine interest in the partner’s offering.

There is also a Klover Plus subscribing for $3.99/month, which gives access to other tasks and partner offers, along with some additional options not available in the standard app account.

Cash Advance

When you reach the desired threshold for the advance you want, the process to receive it is relatively simple. You just choose the amount and request. The standard advance takes 2-3 days to arrive at your bank and is free. You can request an immediate advance for a modest fee based on the amount requested ($1.99 for smaller amounts). You can choose to pay this fee with points rather than adding the charge to your repayment. This feature is nice, but it eats up a good portion of your available points (reducing your potential advance amount).

Repayment of your advance is automatically scheduled 7 days after the issue date. For instance, if you request an advance on the 15th, the repayment is pulled from your linked account on the 22nd.

Klover App Summary

The Klover App is easy to use and there are no credit checks required for advances. It is unique among the currently popular instant cash apps in that it offers a point system for earning advance amounts. This element is fine if you are into gamification. If you prefer the apps that don’t require tasks to get advances, this requirement will seem tedious.

Klover ProsKlover Cons
No credit check
Easy request process
Instant advance available for fee (payable with points)
Requirement to complete tasks to earn advance
Short repayment timeline (7 days)
Disclosure: All opinions are honest. The links to the Klover App are referral links which pay a points referral bonus to the post author.

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