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Welcome to Avant-Garde Investing, an exclusive investing/trading community. AGI offers high-quality educational content for newer traders (or those with limited technical analysis experience) and elite content for more experienced investors seeking innovative TA insights and strategies.

Members also have access to a an array of Community-based features, including Forums, Chats, Groups, Private Messaging and more! There are a variety of research tools to help dedicated investors and traders of all skill levels explore radical and ground-breaking ideas on technical analysis.

Whether looking to grow your trading abilities or escape the clutter, spam and abuse on other message boards, AGI is right for you! Choose from flexible membership options! Upgrade at any time.

Community members gain access to multiple collaborative environments, including forums, chat, groups and more! Full members also access high-level content suited to their objectives and skill levels!


Full-Site Chat, including a central hub with a Community channel and popular stock channels, along with stock-based chat channels on stock profile pages.

Discussion Forums, including Stock Talk, Technical Analysis (full members) and General

Groups, including stock/topic-based group areas featuring group chats, “Friends” and more

Private Messaging in Chat, Forum and Groups


3 Full-Membership Tiers, including:

Standard Membership, which includes all community features plus educational-level content and resources

Elite Membership, which includes all community features, plus all general and “elite” content, which is more advanced and innovated

Ultimate Membership, adds Algo Deconstruction content, coaching opportunities and more to the Elite plan


Stock Profiles with comprehensive data, such as price snapshots, high-low gauges, historical data, company profiles, charts and more

“Gobbler’s Charts” with recent charting demonstrations and analysis

Market Headlines featuring daily news highlights

“Community” Chat channel within the AGI “Chat Hub”
“Groups” area where you build your profile, find Friends (including % match tool to identify traders with similar profiles/interests), send messages, join groups and chat with others interested in the same stocks/topics and more!

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Even if you just want to avoid the congestion, spam and abuse of mainstream investment/trading forums, AGI has a plan that is right for you! Choose from many subscription options and time-frames!

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