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  • Primer: Pattern Daytrading
    In Trading Strategy
    Are you considering pattern daytrading or just getting started? It is important to understand the benefits, risks and rules about pattern daytrading […]
  • Primer: Stock Exchange Delisting Process
    In Fundamentals
    If you trade in penny stocks, you absolutely must become an expert in the NASDAQ/NYSE delisting processes. If you don’t understand how delisting […]
  • Trendline Basics
    In TA Theory
    Trendlines are one of the most basic building blocks of technical analysis. As the term suggests, a trendline is a line that is used to identify a […]
  • Contracting Triangle ExampleContracting versus Expanding Triangles
    In Chart Patterns
    We often hear about the directional nature of triangle patterns in charts (ascending versus descending), but we don’t often hear about the structure […]