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Posted 12/1/21

Ocugen is touching down once again at support in this long-term flag pattern. The 2021 low was $5.24 in April. The current price is just over $6.20. I don’t anticipate a break of $6, but it isn’t impossible. These horizontal patterns can frustrate long-term holders waiting for a larger-scale breakout. The good news, is the pattern following the initial 12/12/20 to 1/4/21 move closely mirrors the pre-RM pattern from 2018-2019. Notice the large drop following Neocart failure news by HSGX on 12/21/18. The current basing setup is likely in preparation for a breakout of a similar scale once the upper resistance noted in this chart clears.

Posted: 9/9/21

It has taken its sweet time getting there, but it looks like the stars of support are finally aligning for Ocugen to break free from the shackles of this C-Wave extension on the short-term falling wedge originating from the 5/3/21 high at 16.20, which was an extension of the macro wedge pattern originating with the 2/8/21 high of 18.77

Posted: 8/27/21

This daily chart shows a horizontal correction that extended the falling wedge pattern originating from the 5/3/21 high. After touching down on 6/14/21, the correction extended into this 2 1/2-month trading range between $6 and $9.40. Support has gradually ascended and currently sits around $6.60. The critical big-picture resistance levels: R1=8.35; R2=9.40; Re=11.05. A break with volume over 11.05 is win action should intensify and bring the push toward the long-term high of $18.77 on 2/8/21

Posted 7/20/21

Ocugen Daily Stock Chart 7-21-21

Another updated on the daily chart. Bullish hammer candle 7/20/21. Impending breakout with large upside.

Posted 7/15/21

Ocugen Daily Chart 7-15-21

Daily chart. The pattern is operating within the large-scale triangle depicted. It’s spinning shares currently against the support trendline that originated with the 12/21/20 low of $0.29 and 1/27/21 low of $1.40. The current mini-wedge mirrors the one that originated the 2021 volatility in Ocugen. Holding this support line is key to a near-term breakout. Below $6.40 are recent lows at 6.15/5.96/5.24. Below that, the 1/4/21 high of 3.50 comes into play. Assuming support holds, the narrow bottom band hits resistance currently around $9.36. That line is the key break to a larger-scale move toward $14, and then $18+.

Posted 7/7/21

Ocugen Daily Chart 7-7-21

This is a daily chart. The price levels noted are based on the intersection of key upchannel and downchannel trendlines. Observe the 5-wave count on the current falling wedge. Wave E may have completed with today’s morning low, where the long-term support line hits on the narrow upchannel band. If it breaks below the $6.80-6.90 level, it may drop to support on the downchannel. A break over the $9.50- area is key to a jump to $13-14. Over $14 brings in tests of the pattern highs of $16.20 (5/3/21) and $18.77 (2/8/21).

Posted 7/2/21

Today’s 7.02 low was just over the 61.8% retracement level on the $5.96-9.02 move. Very thin volume on the morning drop, with a gradual climb in the afternoon, followed by after hours news. Intra-day RSIs fell well below 30 into oversold territory and popped back over in the afternoon. Momentum indicators also curling. Good set up for bullish reversal next week.

Posted 6/23/21

OCGN Daily Chart 6-23-21

Ocugen going for the trifecta breakout from a falling wedge.

Posted 6/4/21

Ocugen (OCGN) Tick Chart Analysis
Ocugen (OCGN) Tick Chart Analysis

Posted: 5/27/21

Ocugen OCGN Hourly Chart Analysis

Posted: 5/8/21

Posted: 5/2/21

Ocugen retested its critical medium-term consolidation and short-term flag resistance levels Friday (4/30/21) before pulling back some. It needs to breakout soon to avoid a pullback toward Support 1 around $10. A break over Friday’s high of $13.37 is key to overcome the descending highs on the resistance trendline. A clean break should bring a massive volume surge and likely continuation toward the low-20s. Daily RSI is high at 74, but this isn’t uncommon ahead of a fast-moving breakout. RSI can easily run to 90-95 before buying exhaustion truly kicks in. Be aware for a fast, sharp retracement when that point is reached, with the breakout level providing initial support. The short-term flag presents a very bullish orientation with a positive high-low correlation on the daily candles.

Posted: 4/19/21

This page contains a log of Ocugen (OCGN) Charts and Analysis for various time-frames.

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