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Posted September 19, 2021

Qualigen holders should finally see their just-rewards for their steadfast patience through this bitter ending diagonal/wedge pattern. In my 6/11/2021 video (see below), I projected a low of 1.17 in early-mid July. I was a penny off, as the actual low was 1.16. You can see that the noose has tightened on the pattern and a break is imminent. Given the length of this cycle, a strong, powerful and profitable boom is likely coming.

Posted July 3, 2021

Qualigen 4-hour chart

Inverse head-and-shoulders in this 4-hour chart. Looks to be headed toward 2.30 where it may break through in line with the timeframe noted in my previous video analysis.

Posted: May 22, 2021

Qualigen (QLGN) Weekly Stock Chart ...
Qualigen (QLGN) Weekly Stock Chart Analysis
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