JAGX Stock Charts and Analysis

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Posted: January 3, 2022

JAGX has extended its falling wedge from my 11/2/2021 chart. You can see the range has grown increasingly tighter. The pattern is nearing a point of decision. Bullish falling wedges typically break up, as the tight range and volume indicates waning downward pressure. The first target is 2.47 from the October high (Point D). Next up is the RS-adjusted high around 6.60 (Point B) from June 2021.

Posted: November 2, 2021

Beautiful flag/falling wedge. Just touched down at the Wave-C correction low at 1.79. Possible D-E extension to 1.39 (would require very tight price range and low volume). A break over the recent 2.25 high with volume suggests a strong bullish breakout. Initial target on a breakout is the 6.50-7 range. Over that brings the potential for a fast retracement to the RS-adjusted price around 13.00. Standard Wave 3 extension following a Wave 2 correction suggests higher upside.

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