Testimonials - Avant-Garde Investing


Before you buy into ideas, concepts and strategies, it is helpful to have some proof of concept. The following are unsolicited comments I have received from AGI site users and on stock message boards, along with proof devices to illustrate the my methodology works:


“I’m telling you and I have pictures to prove it… Green Gobbler was ** on point with calls and made me a ** ton of cash on their recommendations because I was fairly new to swing trading.” — Source

“Green Gobbler really broadened my understanding of Technical and Trend Analysis, applying a different perspective to trading” … “I even said it a few months back, ‘You should be charging people for this stuff.’” — ST Burnt_Trader

“GG, I think you ought to celebrate today, ? quite a few ppl on the $$$$ board are in a much better place for these last two days – to some extent THANKS to you and your reassurance through charting!!! And they will continue to be much better off in the future, potentially ?” — ST TMcN

“Yep spot on, that’s crazy ? much respect for sharing your knowledge GG.” — Source

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