Why is Ocugen Ringing the NASDAQ Final Bell?

Ocugen (OCGN) issued a press release today announcing that the company was going to ring the final bell on the NASDAQ trading floor on Monday, December 19th.

In the release, Ocugen Chairman and CEO Dr. Shankar Musunuri touted the company’s upcoming milestones in its core eye health products related to modifier gene therapy. He specifically cited “important clinical and regulatory milestones.”

What Does Ringing the Bell Mean for Ocugen

It is pure conjecture, but entering the public arena with this type of move seems significant for an established public pharmaceutical company still in clinical trial stages. Most often, participating in the opening or closing bell is reserved for newly public companies, or those that have recently been in the news for major achievements.

That fact that company executives are making this public move suggests some positive news may be on the horizon. Perhaps an upcoming announcement on one of their clinical trials, a new partnership, or something off the radar.

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